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Acupuncture • Sound Healing • Wellness Consulting • NADA • Homeopathy

WELCOME to Coyote Healer : Fraser d'Avignon, Chinese Medicine,   Incline Village, NV.


I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Medicinal Herbs, Wellness Consulting, Sound Healing, Homeopathy and Shamanism. These modalities are considered alternative or complementary healing arts which treat a wide range of issues: sports injuries, pain, physical, emotional and psychological trauma, weight management and many other chronic and acute conditions.

My lifelong interest in the healing arts has exposed me to a variety of philosophies and healing techniques. I graduated from Five Branches University of Chinese Medicine, where I followed up on a life long interest in healing and the consciousness of the spirit-mind-body connection. Working with my clients I became more curious about how this connection affected the healing process. I pursued my interest in spirit-mind-body healing and furthered my studies with research in Shamanism and the ancient art of Sound Healing. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine creates a framework from which to work with clients as whole beings, rather then focusing on isolated parts of the mind and body. Acupuncture, Sound healing and Homeopathy has integrated my accumulative training in the healing arts into a package that offers support for the healing process regardless of the root cause. It is my privilege to work with clients with the intention to bring them into balance so they can heal.


I am also a NADA Certified Acu Detox Specialist. The NADA protocol is used to assist in quiting smoking, weight management, dealing with trauma and anxiety, PTSD and to reduce symptoms associated with withdrawal from addictive medicine and alcohol.



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